Boutique Hotel / Fine Dining Restaurant
Cincinnati, OH, USA
Thomas Moran

Triple Point explores the intersection of site, program, concept, design sensibility, and activities: tristate, boutique hotel, phase transition of water, and molecular gastronomy(based on the scientific discipline of culinary physical/chemical transformation of ingredients). The territory of intersection is specified and substantialized with repetition, variation, and connection. By assigning characteristic situations to the architecture, the semantically generic site transforms into multilayered circumstances at various scales.

In the site context, program and concept, tristate(three adjoining states that shares a connected economy and geography) are juxtaposed with the phase transition of water(between solid, liquid, and gas states of matter). Whereas each state of matter/space has different physical/behavioral properties, it shares a common sensibility. Massing is composed of two different variations of triplication by the public and private programs.
Site and Concept Analysis   |   Massing Diagram

Typical Floor Plan_Hotel Room   |   Plan 1F

Each state of water is transformed into architectural elements: vapor into lobby lighting, water into the façade system, ice into restaurant tables. The parallel relation between the design sensibility of the architecture and gourmet dining will provide multilateral stimuli. Technical skills of molecular gastronomy recipes(spherification, emulsification, gelification, etc.) are developed from phase transition(condensation, vaporization, freezing/melting). The residents and visitors of the hotel will experience synesthesia(concomitant sensation other than the one being stimulated) via connectivity between the architectural concept and molecular gastronomy.

Lobby Lighting-Vapor(G)

Facade System-Water(L)

Restaurant Table-Ice(S)


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